Thursday, March 29, 2012

lucky one

Miss Bessa is being featured in a giveaway that you definitely want to be part of! The lovely Miss Lucia over at lucia, etcetera has chosen so many gorgeous items for her 900 follower giveaway! Oh, what I would do for that many followers!

You can find the giveway at the button below, and be sure to follow Lucia as well.

lucia, etc.

Friday, January 27, 2012

it's a hit

I think my first post on this blog (which is really not that far back, considering I've hardly used this thing) was about making new pillows for this very couch... happy to say that my skills have improved and it looks much nicer this time around!

We HATED our cushions (the back ones). We tolerated them for a while and then finally just started taking them off completely and using the millions of pillows we have for "cushions" instead. Plus they were so ugly. The same green as the couch, but just... oversized and BLAH. Well... those big cushions, they just sat behind the couch for weeks and weeks until I finally got sick of stepping over them.

Did you know that Hancock Fabrics carries "everyday deals"? At the back of the apparel fabrics, you can find affordable knits and cottons. At the back of the store, they have precut fabric for $5... probably not much more than a yard. And! Behind the super fancy expensive upholstery fabric is their "everyday" upholstery fabric! $7/yard!!! Amazing, compared to the $30 a yard fabric I previously wanted. Probably not as great quality, but super affordable for me. I made four "cushions" for $21 total and I still have a bit of fabric left over. Luckily, my old cushions were filled with polyfil, so I was able to use that in the new cushions. I also made some new throw pillows using fabric scraps I had. All in all, brand new look for less than $30!

Enough talking - on to the pics!

Couch Before - (please excuse the jenga tower, this is literally the only picture I have of my couch, except for the other four with the same jenga tower ;))

And after -

The quilted pillow is my favorite. Not going to lie, the first thing Rob said when he saw it was, "The throw pillows are really bright". But then, "I love the back pillows, and they're comfortable too". Success!!