Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am so crazy busy. I can't believe I'm even sitting down to blog. That being said, I am going to have a booth at the East Cobb Market this Saturday, November 20th! It is just now hitting me what I got myself into! Don't get me wrong - I am stoked to be part of it. However, there is just so much more that goes into a show than what goes into an online shop! I am staying up into all hours of the night trying to get as many things completed as I can so I have PLENTY of options!! I'm not sure I am going to get as much done as I hoped.

Unfortunately Robert's weekend falls on Thursday and Friday this week which means I have the rest of today to finish most of my projects! It's not his fault... I try to spend as much time with him as I can when he is off. I don't see him much throughout the rest of his work weeks.

I have written too much already... time to do something productive!!! Wish me luck!

And come by and see me on Saturday if you're in the area!!

East Cobb Market
2500 Sandy Plains Road
Marietta (across from Sprayberry HS)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I broke my computer two weeks ago. Which has a little bit to do with why I haven't posted... in months. I was right in my first post when I said I wouldn't be able to find time for this. Well - I would, if I had a computer in the wee hours of the morning, that is.

Since my last post, my sister and brother in law were married, my daughter turned THREE and I have started planning my own wedding. I am not overwhelmed at all... where is that sarc mark when I need it???

I found and fell in LOVE with my wedding dress, which I would post here if I weren't afraid Robert would see. It's gorgeous, more beautiful that I could have imagined. I also finally found a little inspiration last night in the form of peacock feathers. Am loving those colors together - especially for a fall wedding. I want it to be very unique and vintage looking but also chic and up-to-date. Eclectic, just like me! Ha!

I promise more (interesting) updates very soon.