Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Haley has decided this week that it's a great idea to wake up around 6am. Not cool. I don't typically function completely until at least 8am. Today we (Haley and I) managed to be up and out of the house before 9:30. Haley was even fed! That never happens in this house. Rob works nights so we typically spend the mornings/early afternoons at home with him before he leaves for work.

Well... after a night of sketching and reading home magazines, I just had to get out of the house first thing this morning and get things to decorate my house, starting with pillows in the living room. I ended up making all (9) of them today. They add such a pop of color to the room. We just need a few more things here and there.

I have to say... it is so nice to be up and out before 10am. Especially shopping... nobody shops that early. It is so peaceful!! I have to do this more often.

Can't wait to finish decorating.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

It's starting to scare me how smart Haley is. I expect her to grow up fast (she just turned three) ... but still. She left her "Ruffy" (most loved stuffed animal puppy, ever) at home today while we went to make Christmas cookies with family. She wanted to bring cookies home for Ruffy and everything. On the way home I suggested that maybe Ruffy was hanging out with Zeus (our german shepherd). She laughed and immediately said, "No, Mommy... Ruffy doesn't walk. He is just pretend." All while asking me about the spedometer and gas light.

Awesome. I never thought being a parent would be the most amazing thing in the world. It so is.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We are making a gingerbread house tomorrow, finally! Haley can't wait. I can't wait for Christmas morning with her. Santa is bringing some pretty cool stuff.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

13 days

I finished designing my first handbag last night!!!! It feels so good to do something that I actually care about and am proud of in the end. Not to say that designing for children wasn't rewarding. Just... boring. Anything I ever made for a baby wasn't something that I wanted to show off to the world. So happy to have finally made the decision to switch gears in my shop.

That being said, I am beyond excited to design several more things before I debut the "line" at the start of the new year. I am probably the most modest person in the world, so to say that I am so proud of what I've designed (me, proud of myself - ha!) is saying something. Designing for kids was a great stepping stone for me but I have to say that I am glad to put it behind me.

Life has been so good to me this year. Unbelievable. Sometimes I'm living a fairytale. Truly. To say that I am grateful is a tremendous understatement.

Side note - did you know that a child never tires of asking for something that they really want? It's amazing, really, the persistence of a three year old. I wish I wanted anything everyday as much as my 3yo wants chocolate milk. Crisis averted, for the time being. Having her hang candy canes on the Christmas tree... so what if they are all on the same branch.