Saturday, July 31, 2010

this place will be so beautiful

I've taken a break from sewing the last couple of days to focus on all things computer related, from managing my shop to joining forum discussions (or trying to, my gosh, I can't keep up!) to creating this blog. It has been well over five years since I have regularly written a blog. I have to admit that I am completely lost and am not as computer savvy as I once was! Please bear with me.

I'm reflecting on the "blogger" that I used to be and the one that I might be now. More music, less language. More toddler time, less complaining. More laughing, good times, crafting, love, Atlanta. Yes, I now live in the city that I dreamed about day in and day out. And I've yet to explore it (let alone through my eyes and not my daughter's). So hopefully there will be some of that in here too.

And I'll be frank. There will be times that I (not so shamelessly) promote my slow-growing business. But I promise I won't bombard you with post after post about it. That's not really my style, nor do I want it to be.

I just want to find all of the beautiful things about life and my life and hopefully share them with you.


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