Saturday, November 13, 2010

I broke my computer two weeks ago. Which has a little bit to do with why I haven't posted... in months. I was right in my first post when I said I wouldn't be able to find time for this. Well - I would, if I had a computer in the wee hours of the morning, that is.

Since my last post, my sister and brother in law were married, my daughter turned THREE and I have started planning my own wedding. I am not overwhelmed at all... where is that sarc mark when I need it???

I found and fell in LOVE with my wedding dress, which I would post here if I weren't afraid Robert would see. It's gorgeous, more beautiful that I could have imagined. I also finally found a little inspiration last night in the form of peacock feathers. Am loving those colors together - especially for a fall wedding. I want it to be very unique and vintage looking but also chic and up-to-date. Eclectic, just like me! Ha!

I promise more (interesting) updates very soon.

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