Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Haley has decided this week that it's a great idea to wake up around 6am. Not cool. I don't typically function completely until at least 8am. Today we (Haley and I) managed to be up and out of the house before 9:30. Haley was even fed! That never happens in this house. Rob works nights so we typically spend the mornings/early afternoons at home with him before he leaves for work.

Well... after a night of sketching and reading home magazines, I just had to get out of the house first thing this morning and get things to decorate my house, starting with pillows in the living room. I ended up making all (9) of them today. They add such a pop of color to the room. We just need a few more things here and there.

I have to say... it is so nice to be up and out before 10am. Especially shopping... nobody shops that early. It is so peaceful!! I have to do this more often.

Can't wait to finish decorating.

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